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PVC arm. Hydroponics was rapidly put to use in placements around the earth that did not have got equal dirt or dirt for setting crops. Let dry. Turn the glue gun on the highest setting and fill in the bottom of the glass with a pool of glue to fill in any gaps. Bottom line … Read more

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Since you’re already on your way to being a wax seal pro, I know your stamp is sitting on a piece of ice as you’re getting your glue gun ready so it will be nice and cold when you’re ready to stamp. However, beyond their practical purpose of concealing a message until it reached the … Read more

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This wax usually comes with a wick already inside it to make it simpler. Use a paper towel after it comes off the ice pack to make sure no water droplets get into your seal. 10. If it contains important paper or documents it should receive three or more, according to the size of envelope. … Read more

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Brass heads help sealing wax cool faster and don’t stick to the wax when released. Wax seal stamps are usually made from brass heads that are engraved with different designs and wooden handles. 1. Invitations and their replies should be sealed with wax. Are you curious about sealing wax’s origin and how the wax seals … Read more

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Finally, you can glue your seal onto your envelope or another project. 13. When not using an envelope and the third part of the letter is written upon you would have left a small blank space where the seal was to be put so as to not cover over any words of the letter. 12. … Read more

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• IF when the walls in your room are DONE and completely DRY and you think that the technique looks way too “bold” for your taste, you can go back and FIX it by SPRAYING a small amount of WATER then APPLYING a teeny tiny amount of WHITE PAINT using a PAINT BRUSH then use … Read more

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Our wax is specifically designed for use with a glue gun, however if you would like to melt the sticks using the old world technique of holding a little melting spoon over a flame, this is absolutely an option! WHAT TYPE OF GLUE GUN SHOULD I USE? Typically found in traditional colors such as black, … Read more

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You need to melt your wax onto your paper or envelope. Then you would have inserted a little of the melted wax under the turn-over part of the letter, just where the seal is to come. In it’s earliest forms it would have been made of beeswax and resin. Let your seal cool, then glue … Read more

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When I’m doing wax seals for a customer, I don’t want to wait weeks to receive my order, and Artisaire is the only company I trust to deliver my supplies 3 business days after I place my order. Simply cool the brass head in-between seals and ensure you wipe away any excess moisture before stamping. … Read more

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3. Pull the trigger to release the desired amount of wax onto your project and wait 5 to 10 seconds. It comes from a project achieved by Bortoletti’s master jewellers and is a gem of design that is made of glass and chiselled nickel-silver. The wax comes in various colors and textures, which you can … Read more